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Welcome To Rae Images! (Formerly Ebony Photography)

Hello Friends,

Welcome to the world of Rae Images (formerly Ebony Photography)!

I am <BEYOND> excited to share with you my new website and branding. I spent the last year+  <more hours than I care to admit> working to make everything absolutely perfect for you. Then it hit me one day … IT will never be Perfect, because – I – will never be Perfect  <the whole  ‘Life is a journey, not a destination’ thing – or something like that>

Soooo – Finally, after countless sleepless nights, I decided to stop trying to make IT Perfect –And just make it REAL- straight from the heart.

Without further adieu  <oh yeah – every now and then, I may get all fancy and use sexy blog words like ‘adieu’>…. Ehem! I now invite you to join me on the Journey.   I don’t know where this will take us, but I have a crazy hunch that it is going to be an AMAZING RIDE.

…Now preparing for take-off….

Oh – and since every post always look better with a pic, I leave you with — a few highlights from 2011…


…First up – Miss Ashley J!….I always thought Ashley was the coolest. Then, I found out she was from my Hometown. Ahhh, that explains it -:) Represent Ashley!!




Ebonie She’  (with an Accent Aigu) & Kevin (who we affectionately call KB)… They celebrated their 2-Year Anniversary  – with ME!!  A fall afternoon of Love – and  pure comedy relief, who could ask for more. Love You Guys!!

The Always Stylish – Tracee & Ced in HOTLanta! Less than a week after our session, their beautiful daughter Summer was born. Another Magical Moment in the history books….

Next up, some of my favorite Corporate Divas!….Miss Geri J! Outside of the 9-5, Geri is a beautiful writer…Oh, and she also throws THE flyest holiday parties. Get in where you fit in….

The Woman All Over Town, Rhonda Caldwell (top left). Founder and Owner of  The Main Event, and a list of accolades more than a mile long…More of Geri J(bottom left), just because she’s Fly Like That!…..Simone G (Right). When I first questioned if I could do it, Simone reminded me that I could….

Dr. Gail B! Took the cards she was dealt — and completely changed the game! Looking for a dentist in the RTP, check out her family practice, South Point Family Dentistry ; or her recently opened pediatrics practice,  Mebane Children’s Dentistry.

A Love Supreme, Ayana & Hasan. Be on the lookout for some really BIG things from this Dynamic Duo…

Ms Lynn P! One of the most compassionate and giving persons I know. For her Bday, she allowed me the opportunity to give back – to her. Now because of Lynn, I’m convinced that Loving and Serving, makes you Forever Young & Fabulous. #GetSome!

The American Red Cross not only save lives, but they also bring people together. Two of the Fall 2011 Lovebirds, Errica & Marcus….

Tiffany B! Always ready for business – and I love it!

Pili & Kaleaus! The epitome of a “match made in Heaven”.  Pili & K got engaged less than a year after our photo session. Magical things happen when you come hang out with Rae Images …. Here’s to Life, Love & Spontaneity…

I saved the best for last, the most Ambitous and Focused Couple I know. While most people are sleeping, they are working. None other than Tish & Jevon…

Lots more from where that came from. Come back soon for the latest and greatest.

Much Love,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -E

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February 21, 2012 - 4:30 pm

Jim Alexander - It ain’t about perfect, be great, that will suffice.
Peace and Love

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