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Random Thoughts ~ Later for Hush Puppies

I’ve neglected you, my Beloved Blogosphere. I have no good excuses ….other than… I kinda wish I had a copywriter that could read my rapidly fleeting thoughts and instantly turn them into killer blog post.


While I was out…


I started this “Gluten-Less” life a few months ago. Not because I’m a Bad A- Vegan and  Animal Rights activists  – but because I started having really bad tummy aches and wheat seemed to be the only common element linked to my sporadic discomfort. And since I’m notorious for self-diagnosis – I’ve convinced myself that I’m now curing myself from Celiac Disease. Thanks WebMD.


In other news….


I visited Elevation Church for the first time this past week-end. Also, the first time I’ve been to a church in Charlotte in a very, VERY, long time. Longer than I will probably ever admit here. I had been watching Pastor Steven Furtick online for over a year and finally decided to check them out.


I’m still trying to bring the right words to capture the experience. I actually have the words –  just feels corny saying it. It was fascinating…. The worship experience at Elevation was a remarkable and fascinating experience. Never thought I would describe church as a “fascinating” experience – but I was inspired – on so many levels. And when I get my Genie Copywriter, I may tell you more about it. For now, know that  Pastor Steven Furtick and the people at Elevation are doing some Revolutionary things in this city – and beyond….and I like it.


So one of the messages from Sunday was on how the devil shifts your focus from what you do have – to what you don’t have – and makes what you don’t have seem so much bigger <and nicer and flashier and sexier and WAY better>. A simple lesson but it resonated with me.


Back to this Sexy Gluten-Less Life….


I had a program with the family yesterday where dinner was provided.  I don’t know if any of the true Gluten-Free Warriors out there ever experienced this, but  I now have this irrational fear that I will go places and there won’t be ANYTHING I can eat. Some people fear getting flat tires on deserted roads – I fear being stuck somewhere and not being able to eat – fo real.


So we’re at this program. I intentionally eat an apple right before the food was served. JUSSSSST in case….. Food comes out, and lo and behold, it was a gluten-free comfort food dream!!  Baked chicken, green beans, candied yams, greens, cole slaw. Seriously 3 words – Gluten.Free.Heaven!


Trying to contain my excitement, I quickly fill up my plate. I’ll take some of that – and some of that please. No thanks on the Mac & Cheese, but everything else please, and thank you!!  Minutes of sheer delight. Get to the end of line and discover … a tray of <don’t do it to me>…Fresh.Homemade.HushPuppies. Say it isn’t so. I absolutely LOOOVE Hushpuppies. Oh no – what to do….just take a few and suck it up and deal with the consequences. Or …. be strong and walk away.


I chose to walk away. But not without throwing a complete mental temper tandrum. Suddenly, everything was wrong with the world and I’m now irritated with everyone in the room with fresh hushpuppies on their plate. ….. “…’s so unfair….why can’t I eat hushpuppies….this is so annoying….and am I really going to be sentenced to Udi’s bread and rice and corn puff cereals for the rest of my life…GIMMEABREAK!….”


Then the Voice of Higher Reason stepped in– “you have a plate full of absolutely delicious food and 15 seconds ago you were overwhelmed with excitement… one sighting of fresh hush puppies and you are now being unfairly punished by the all dietary gods”….hmm, kinda sounds familiar right “the devil always shifts your focus from what you have to what you don’t have”…. ahhhh – I get it now. I kinda got it Sunday – but now I get it get it. Note taken. Paradigm shifted. And later for those wack hush puppies!!


And since every long post is better with a photo. I leave with you some completely non-related throwback maternity sessions.



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