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Random Thoughts ~ Jeans & $20

Happy Easter Friends!

Soooo…I have been <very> anxious lately. About everything. About Life. About stepping into my destiny. About perfecting my craft…. About how to better serve you. About how to better serve God. About how to live my life to the fullest, as Oprah <and Moms-:)> would say.


Yesterday <I guess you would call that Easter Eve>. I wake up at 1am. Tossed and turned until I couldn’t take it anymore…. Finally stopped – -and breathed – and asked “What would You have me do”…..And The Quiet Voice says ‘Get up — and clean the kitchen’ <whaaaaaat?!!! I’m trying to figure out how to save the world and you want me get up and  clean the kitchen – at like 2 in the morning?!?!!>……I waited a few more breaths – just to make sure I heard it right… 2am – I give in…


I won’t bore you with the details of my kitchen raid but it included throwing out an almost full jar of Organic Wasabi Mayonnaise <that I JUST had to have when I bought it>, my stash of ‘in case of emergency break the glass’ chocolate, and more expired spices than I will EVER admit….


After the raid, I ‘decide’ to start laundry <I’m up now, might as well right>.  I start by looking  in the dryer to confirm that there were  still clean clothes left in there from the last laundry day <business as usual right>…Yep, Dark clothes, 2 pairs of jeans – -still nice and clean in the dryer …I take them out. ‘Something’  tells me to check the pockets of one pair – which is a little uncustomary for me. I always check the pockets before  – but rarely, if ever, do I  check the pockets after ….but this time, I check…. $20!


Small? …Maybe. Maybe not.


Random?….Could be.


A small Reward for a small act of Obedience? …I dunno, only time will tell.


….Life, my Friends,  has been feeling VERY random lately. Things I don’t understand. Things I haven’t been able  to articulate to others. Things my friends and family probably don’t understand….On Friday – I had a conversation with one of my closest friends on that subject. He said “We always ask, ‘What the hell am I doing with my life?’…  What if the answer was,  ‘You are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing’ <End Quote>


What if that’s true. What if all these random thoughts were actually all part of a Divine Plan for our lives and every experience was ordained and perfectly orchestrated.….What if the  random thoughts and ideas, the inspiration, The Quiet Voice – was really just Divine Instruction leading us on a Journey  so Magnificently Wonderful that we wouldn’t understand it  – even if someone did try to tell us….


I dunno ..but just for today – as we celebrate Easter, and Resurrection, and the Return to Life – I AM going to pretend –  that – maybe, just maybe –  that is the case….. And I invite you – My Friends – to do the same….



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