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Meet Champa I Make-Up Artist I Charlotte Portrait Photographer

Over the past few weeks,  I have been highlighting our Contributors, the Creative Dynamos that partner with me to create the Rae Images Portrait experience.

I am wrapping up the highlights with one of our make-up partner, Champa.




I was introduced to Champa by Lisa Her of Blue Kiss Studio…..There are some people you meet, and something just clicks. You can’t really explain it, but all you know is you either want them to be your new BFF and/or you want to work with them and create it a lot of cool and magical stuff together….And so it was with Champa.



Charlotte Portrait Photog-Champa02



Charlotte Portrait Photog-Champa04


I remember calling Champa one week when I was in a creative slump, and needed some inspiration.  Three days later, she came over to the studio – and we created ….this….


b-1 w logo


See what I mean. Instant connection -:)


Our clients love Champa because she knows no strangers and has a natural ability to put others at ease.


Charlotte Portrait Photog-Champa03


Charlotte Portrait Photog-Champa06


I love Champa because she works hard. She plays hard. She creates her own opportunities to grow and perfect her craft. She always stays true to herself…And! She has a shoe collection that’s to live for o_O


Charlotte Portrait Photog-Champa05

Champa – I’m inspired by your intense focus and courage to constantly challenge and stretch yourself. I’m looking forward to creating a lot more magic together.




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